UMORFIL® represent collagen peptide fiber
UMORFIL® represents all kinds of effects collagen peptide fibers bring to your skin
UMORFIL® is the only collagen peptide fiber


The birth of UMORFIL®

New fiber series is born to make our body more beautiful, we called “Beauty Fiber®”, UMORFIL® is the first brand since 2012 from Beauty Fiber® series, which combines rayon and collagen peptide as new functional fiber.


Brand Story

UMORFIL® is a new brand of Beauty Fiber® , it’s the combination of Latin “Umor” and French “Fil”. Umor means moisture and fil means yarn. UMORFIL® is a new functional fiber brand which use Nano tech to integrate collagen peptide into fiber, UMORFIL® provides moisture, skin-friendly feel and made of natural materials, can be decomposed by earth. 『Skin-friendly and moisture/ Natural and environmental protection』. UMORFIL® make you feel more, and beyond your imagination for cozy and comfortable experience!

Our Team

UMORFIL® team’s background includes biotechnology and textile categories professionals, especially in collagen production/related skin care product and yarn business. Plus several branding and marketing people; create UMORFIL® team and aims for developing new functional fiber. We focus on several kinds of applications includes textile fiber, consumer Hygiene products fiber…etc as roadmap. We are familiar with textile business, with biotechnology background, from up to down by resource integration, aims to provide quality product and service to garment/fabric and branding customers.